Day Clinics

A unique program offering
shooting-specific basketball instruction

The breakdown

Learn how NBA Players Improve

Their Shooting Form

The Love of the Game Shooting Clinics are based on the work NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love does with NBA and college players.

All clinics are run personally by Coach Love in a non-competitive environment to allow all players to develop at the rate they need to attain success. Players will learn to identify weaknesses, isolate habit, and layer drills to improve their form.

Perfect for:

  • Young basketball players of all skill levels
  • Players that struggle with consistency
  • Players who want to understand how their shots work
  • Players that have big goals, but their shot is holding them back


What people

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Game Plan

What you'll learn

In a full day clinic, players will start with the same simple form shooting drills that Coach Love uses with his NBA clients.  These drills will help player identify weaknesses and isolate the micro-skills necessary to improve their shooting.  As the day goes on, Coach Love will teach players to layer drills so they can find the necessary sweet-spot for drills, at any point in their development.

Learn all about:

  • WHAT each part of your body should be doing
  • WHY these habits affect your ability to make more shots
  • HOW to practice more effectively
  • WHAT NBA players have worked on
  • HOW you can dramatically improve your shot

Clinic Format

How You'll

Spend your time

Hour 1: Form Shooting – Isolating Habits relating to the grip.

Hour 2: Progressive Form Shooting – Adding layers for balance.

Hour 3: Catch and Shoot/Off the Dribble.

Hours 4-6:  Adding Movement, Defenders and Decisions to grow shooting form.

Standing out

What makes us


  • Players learn drills that hold them ACCOUNTABLE. Not just drills to get shots up.
  • Clinic lead and directed by an NBA SHOOTING COACH.
  • Players aren’t just taught to shoot shots, they are taught to be their own shooting coach.
  • No wasting time! There is no fluff in this clinic.
  • Learn the habits that have helped countless NBA players shoot career highs, and that helped several players improve 20-30% in one season.
  • Players get A LOT of shots. We don’t just teach them, we give them plenty of time to WORK on these new ideas.
  • Learn the habits that have helped countless NBA players shoot career highs, and that one NBA player used to improve 30% in one season.

Meet The Coach


Coach Dave Love

Since 2001, Dave has coached players of all levels to improve their shooting, through a series of systematic drills & skill progressions. 

Trusted by NBA teams, players, and agencies, plus National Teams, and youth organizations around the world.

Dave has been featured in:, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, ESPN, SBNATION, and The Guardian for his unique and noteworthy ability to improve a player’s shooting ability.