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Shooting Coach Dave Love offers you the next best thing to having a shooting coach in the gym with you. With video shot analysis you will be able to see yourself shooting the basketball while getting advice on your mechanics from an NBA shooting coach.

Coach Love will send you a 15 minute video of your shot, giving you advice as he plays it back in slow motion, stopping it at key points and drawing on the screen to show you exactly what is happening.

Video Shot Analysis should be a consistent part of a players development as they will actually get to see the mistakes they may be making, as well as all the strong habits in their shot, all while getting advice from one of the best shooting coaches.

This service is a must-have for basketball players hoping to understand and improve their shot.




  1. Using your smart phone or digital camera, have someone take video of your shot from the front, shooting hand side, and behind. Do not follow the ball, stay fixed on the shooter, filling the screen with their entire body (feet to top of the extended arm). Stay fixed on the shooter for 3 seconds after each shot, then quickly move to the next spot. Limit your video to 3 shots, taken from 3 different angles, and no more than 45 seconds. Please match your video as closely as possible to the BEFORE video shown above!
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  4. Allow 3-4 weeks for processing. Once your order is completed, you will be sent an email from Coaches Eye. That email will include a link to a webpage that has your video on it. Watch your video as many times as you like, or save it for future reference!

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